Firm members are classified into several groups, as follows:

  • Directors
  • Senior Auditors (Supervisors)
  • Junior Auditors
  • Private Accountants
  • Support Staff



They correspond to be the Partners of the Firm and are the most senior employees.

Senior Auditors:

In charge of the operational aspects of our work managing the work team, Junior Auditors and other Support Staff.

Junior Auditors:

Experienced employees in constant skill update process in different areas, not only in the accounting field, but in legal, operational, laws and regulations. The junior auditors report and coordinate their work with our Senior Auditors and the Directorate of the Office.
Private Accountants:

Our Firm performs works related to Private Accounting under the model of Outsourcing, both in and out of the company, delivering an efficient professional work.

Support Staff:

The Firm count on other support staff, not only in the professional field in question but we also maintain strategic alliances with other professionals in other areas such are: Advocacy, Taxes, Peritajes, Special Studies as Consultants.